Introducing ArchMMO 2,
an indie MMORPG!

ArchMMO 2 is a Voxel 3D MMORPG with races, factions, guilds, parties, pets, mounts, PvP, PvE, quests, and an open-world map! Explore the world of Arch today!

Fast Servers

ArchMMO 2 has stable fast servers ready for Steam and have been really stable throughout the beta phase on GameJolt!

Grinding Gameplay

For those who love the tediousness of an MMORPG, you've came to the right place. Grind to your hearts content!

Item Mall Coins

Purchase mounts, pets, blades, costumes, consumables and more from the exclusive Item Mall! Login and check it out today!

Steam Linked

Don't want your account hacked? Don't worry, the game generates a super long password thats only linked to YOUR steam account. No one will ever get in!

Epic Battles and More

Check out the small open-world combat system in ArchMMO 2 right now!

4 Clans

Battle it out between Goblins, Elves, Undead and Humans in ArchMMO 2!